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RadoShield is the best radon mitigation company in Utah. We recently asked several companies to come give us bids on a mitigation system. They were BY FAR the most professional and thorough. Even though they were here for just a short amount of time, I sensed how much they cared about providing my family the best, safest system. But not only that, they really cared about the placement of the system so it would not be something we noticed all the time. The other bids didn’t even come close. RadoShield will get all of my business from now on and I’d recommend them to anyone!     – David Francis

We were referred to RadoShield from our neighbor. I started to do some research on radon and the harmful effects and realized that radon isn’t something you want to mess with, it is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US with 21,000 deaths being attributed to it from the EPA .

We called them up, they were very prompt and did a free radon test in our home. We found out that we were well above the safe limit and decided to have them install their system. When they came out they were really professional and really easy to work with. They made sure I knew every step of the process and how everything would look when they were done.

When they installed it they rolled out the red carpet and warned us of noise and the sealant. They also laid down floor coverings for every place that they would need to walk in my home and were always careful not to assume anything but to ensure I was onboard with everything they did even asking to use outlets and so forth. When they were done they took their time making sure that they left my home without any extra dust or mess. The install looked great!

Now, I waited to write this review until after the results of the second radon test. Again they came out and retested my home to ensure that their system was working properly and that they didn’t miss anything that should be sealed off.

With radon, anything above 4 pecocuries per liter of air is considered hazardous. Our levels were at 8.1 and you really want to get under 2. The final test after the instal was 1.2. I would recommend these guys to anyone.     – Matt Lloyd

This was the most positive contractor experience I have had. Thumbs up to Larry and Joseph our installers. They took the time to really understand our property and find the most simple, aesthetic, and direct route possible. The install went really fast, they explained everything, and they were so clean about it. After the initial inspection and planning session they thought up another possible route and came out a second time to explore it with me, based on a few details this second route wasn’t as good as the first one we selected, but it was really clear to me that they cared about providing the best solution and were willing to come back and explore it just to make sure. Superb work and very professional. Would recommend them to anyone!     – Timothy Pickett

Why Should You Choose Us?

Below 2.7 Guarantee

We Guarantee That Our Mitigation
System Will Decrease Your Radon Levels
to Below 2.7 pCi/L or We Will Come
Back & Make Adjustments Until it Does

Forever Guarantee

We Provide You With a Transferable
Forever Guarantee on Your
System Piping & Labor to Ensure
That it is Always Working Properly

Insured & Bonded

We Take Our Services Seriously – We Are a Professional Company & Are Fully Insured & Bonded as a Utah State Licensed Radon Mitigation Contractor

100% Guarantee

We Guarantee That You Will Be
Satisfied With Your Radon Mitigation
System or We Will Refund Your
Mitigation Installation Fee

5-Year Parts Warranty

We Include a 5-Year Parts Warranty
& the Radon Fan Manufacturer
Provides a 5-Year Warranty on
the Radon Mitigation Fan

Certified & Licensed

We Are Fully Licensed With the State of Utah Department of Professional Licensing & Are Certified to Install Radon Gas Mitigation Systems

We Are the Best in the Business

We Only Use High-Quality Materials Installed By Highly-Trained Technicians to Ensure That Radon is Reduced to Safe Levels Within Your Home And You Can Sleep Well at Night Knowing You Hired the Best

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Our Process:

Test Your Home

We test for radon using advanced continuous radon monitors that are calibrated yearly for accuracy

Design a System

If your radon levels come back high we will custom design a radon mitigation system for your home

Install the System

We use high-quality materials and the best installation methods to ensure you have a system that works

Turn it On

You can then have peace of mind knowing that your radon levels are being reduced to safe levels

My Promise To You:

Choosing the right radon mitigation company can be difficult. Unlike most professionals you hire, you probably won’t meet me until our appointment. Furthermore, different technicians have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, installation methods, and pricing.

Ultimately, an effective radon mitigation system depends heavily on the individual technician’s own effort. If you honor me by permitting me to mitigate your home, I guarantee that I will give you my very best effort.

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